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2009-06-15 21:33:01 by supersonicdjs

All right, here's the cut - I DO NOT have Flash. I'll try getting it for Christmas or on eBay, but I currently don't have it. No flash, no preloaders. No perloaders, no good movie. Really, I'm only 11, and I try to do the best I can. I'm young. I don't have those kind of flash-making skills yet. Sure, I downloaded a Trial Version, but it takes more than 30 days to be a master of Flash. It takes months. I'm sure that by 2010 or something I'll learn how to utilize the flash features. But for now, I'll have to deal with Windows Movie Maker and Paint. Me and a friend are working on a really cool Game and it should be out by next year, hopefully. I dunno, we haven't even started. But that doesn't matter, the point is that I'm no good at using substitutes for flash. I guess I'll stop making them for now and look up some tutorials to improve, but I can't promise anything.

I'm sorry, I hope you understand.


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2009-06-15 22:06:23

Just pirate it!


2009-06-16 00:09:19

Awww man, Sorry to hear that the trial version expired.

Well if you do manage to get a copy and things are up and running you should check out this link for tonnes of flash animation tutorials. c.php?f=2&t=459

All the best with you game.

Hey and a small bit of advice, if you are not going to get heavy in to flash as3 and programming in general, look out for a previous version of Flash ( CS3 and lower) you might get it for a much lower price.


2009-07-21 19:39:38

Don't worry man! I'm sure you'll get a copy of Flash soon! I started in Paint and Movie Maker too! But you shouldn't use age as an excuse for either good or bad work either. There's some animators that are younger that can do pretty well! And there's some who are out of college and can't even do a stick figure!


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