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I ain't sure.

2009-04-17 22:12:27 by supersonicdjs

I ain't sure If I got any friends, or fans. Seeing as I just made my first Flash Movie, it sucks. I wish I could get enough money to buy Adobe Flash so I can learn to make Flash Movies correctly. Anyway, the movie is called Shadic Boom, it's very short, actually. The quality is worse than I thought it would be, give me your opinion. You probably think it's bad, huh? Me too. We share the same opinion! I was inspirated by Daniel Sun. (D-Sun)

I ain't sure.


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2009-04-17 23:40:17

the movie sucks.......the background was shotty, it was a sprite movie, and it was unoriginal in that it focused around Sonic and/or a character that is so closely in resemblance no one cares if its really him or not. get an original idea and develop your own flash style and don't rely on some shitty sprite program.


2009-06-14 13:01:33

he just dropping by to let you know you can find flash professail 8 on ebay for as low as 40 dollars if you wanna look into shoot you might even find it for less i got mine for 51 dollars

and be sure to check out my movie "the Chaos lineage" comming soon