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Power Star 4

2008-05-03 18:10:33 by supersonicdjs

We all know about Daniel Sun's fantastic series "Power Star", right? If not, it's about Mario being possessed by Boos and set off on a mission to collect all the Power Stars and destroy all who stand in his way. He kills all the Toads in the castle, and gets into the courtyard when he sees Princess Peach with a Power Star. He destroys the two toads in the courtyard, then all the Toads in the castle. He kicks, then punches the last Toad in the castle. The top of the toad's head falls in front of Peach, as she screams. Luigi comes out of a pipe in front of Peach when Mario tries to kill her. Peach goes down the pipe, while Mario and Luigi have a showdown. Luigi holds back, as Mario beats him up and jumps out the window. Mario beats up all the Toads in the courtyard, as Luigi, with a cape, smashes Mario into the grounds. Mario then throws him away, kills a lakitu, and floats on the cloud to a mysterious sanctuary. When Mario tries to get the Power Star hidden inside the Castle, Luigi takes it from him. Much to Mario's anger, he Goes so crazy about being disobeyed, he gets stronger than the Power Star and beats Luigi up. When luigi wakes up, he sees the Mushroom Kingdom is a barren wasteland. Luigi and Peach aboard a battleship and talk about what Happened to Mario. Luigi and Mario go to Mushroom City and duke it out. Mario and luigi end up at the top of the castle, where they both fight. Mario ends the battle with a final punch, then both jump up to get the Power Star. Mario and Luigi fight to the death for the Power Star, but Mario succeeds and collects his first Star. He gets twisted mad and slashes luigi into another castle. Peach is there, and gives Luigi a Power Star, Once again, Mario and Luigi fight to the death from the top of the castle, in the castles, in the courtyard, and over a fiery pit. They knock each other into the sky, and they both fight. Mario throws Luigi away from him, and they both run towards each other at lightning speed. Then the credits start.

Anyway, Power Star 4 seems to be like this:

Mario finishes off Luigi in an explosion, then then Mario goes to kill the toads by grabbing a Toad, and ripping his body in half, while putting his head into the ground. The other Toad he teleports around, punches, and then rips his spinal chord. The last Toad he puts his fist into, grabs his spinal chord, pulls the Toad toward him, and ground pounds him. Then his eyes release a lazer that kills all the Toads a last time. The remaining army of Toads are turned evil, and set off to find the Power Stars for Mario.

I'm guessing that's what happens.


It's 75% Complete, all the Fighting scenes are done, all that needs to be done is the story, and preferably the voices.

Thanks, Daniel. Love the series.



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